Building a Give Back Brand

Cause marketing is everywhere, helping to improve company images and bottom lines. But has it run its course?

In our opinion, giving back never goes out of fashion. But promoting causes that don’t make sense to your brand, however, causes confusion. So how can you do cause marketing right?

Think deeply and critically about your business.

What existing brand promise could be supported further through cause marketing? For example, a community bank may partner with a financial literacy partner to offer classes in their local area.

What give back opportunities are there to offset something not so great about your business? In this example, a business that produces plastic disposable items could partner with a recycling nonprofit, or sponsor a beach cleanup, to offset the impact on Mother Earth.

When it’s done well, cause marketing can be incredibly meaningful—not just to sales, but to your employees and community too.

This article comes from our friends at Office of Awesome, they develop brands that stand for something and offer traditional marketing support through an untraditional collective of awesome talented people.

Leah Prehn

Leah Prehn

Co-Founder at Office of Awesome
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