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Better Living SoCal Real Estate

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About Project:

Better Living SoCal is a group of real estate brands that sell the new American dream. When you think of suburbia, you think of cookie cutter homes lined up with little to no yard. Better Living SoCal finds the fun, unique and interesting houses for interesting people. They sell Mid-Century Modern homes, Historic homes, and custom homes in Orange County.

Beacons Point created their brand identity and architecture. With their brands such as Cliff May SoCal, Eichler SoCal, and OCModHomes, we created the parent brand in Better Living SoCal.

We created an online community that feels the same way about homes. They want to LOVE where they live, not just live. We run their social media, email marketing, traditional mail design and all creative design. We help tell the story of each open house through photography, videography, and design.

The Objective:

Simple. Create a brand and content to bring those who love unique, modern, historical homes. Find the people that want something more out of their home and want to love coming home everyday. Love raising their kids, hosting parties and celebrating in their home.

The Work:

For Better Living Socal, we do it all! We started working with BLS about 5 years ago and we have been able to grow with them.


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