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  • University of California, Office of the President

University of California, Office of the President

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About Project:

With such schools like UCLA, UC San Diego, Berkley, and others, the University of California is no doubt one of the most prestigious university systems in the country. But did you know they are the #1 job provider in California as well?


The University of California, Office of the President is undertaking one the largest business transformations in the world by creating one central group to handle the entire system’s business services. In plan terms, the UCPath Center will run payroll, benefits, and human resources administration for the entire UC system by the end of 2018.


The Objective:

The team at the UCPath Center and the Office of the President needed a way to convey the importance of the transformation and to communicate the change to thousands of UC employees, stakeholders, and the public. After discussing their goals and objectives, we landed on creating two videos for the two teams to use as informative and instructional content for their audience.

We worked with the team to create the script/outline, pre-production, production and final edit with graphics. The project was filmed in about two weeks in Riverside, CA and Oakland, CA. We delivered two 3 minutes videos; one of the videos was for internal use only and the other was created to inform those outside the department about the exciting new changes. Enjoy the UCPath Center video below!

The Work:


  • Full Video Production
  • Script writing and outline services
  • Travel budgeting & management
  • Production Coordination
  • Post Production, graphics, music and coloring

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