Around the Campfire with Beacons Point

Topic Clusters: The Backbone of the Modern Content Strategy

Topic clusters are revolutionizing SEO and content marketing strategies all over the internet. Their goal is to please Google algorithms while providing a seamless experience for the target audience.

Key Benefits of Working With a HubSpot Partner Agency

If you are building an inbound marketing strategy for your company, you probably know about HubSpot. The platform offers a wide variety of useful tools for your sales and marketing efforts along with an impressive knowledge base and Academy.

Conversation: The Content Creation Hack

The internet runs on content — relatable and engaging content the public can easily find, understand, and apply. In today’s information age, consumers have endless information at their fingertips 24/7/365. They expect more from companies than [...]

The A-Z of Content Audits

Baseball cards. Such a simple concept. Or so that’s what many (sane) people think of them. How many kids like me feverishly collected baseball cards decades ago and have them collecting dust in the basement of their parent’s house today? 

6 Key Metrics for Evaluating Content Performance

The key to a successful content campaign is the ability to measure the results. You’ll have no real idea of how well or poorly your campaigns are doing if you can’t understand how it’s performing. You must know which key metrics you’re tracking [...]

Flipping the Marketing Funnel on its Head

When you develop a plan for new content, envisioning how each piece will work together to turn strangers into eventual customers is paramount. The traditional marketing funnel is an easy, familiar way to visualize a particular lead or prospect’s [...]

The Basecamp: Issue no. 2

These are the opening thoughts from the second issue of our new newsletter, The Basecamp. If you want to see us in your inbox every month, sign up here! 

Content Marketing: What Type of Content Should I Create?

Creating content is difficult, but aligning a content strategy might be a more significant challenge. Should you focus on gated or ungated pieces? Should you emphasize video? Should you start a podcast?

Campfire Chats Ep. 2 - Building Relationships in a Global Marketplace

Alex Meade, VP of Sales and Marketing at Beacons Point, sits down with Terry Arbaugh, the VP of Sales and Marketing at SEACOMP, to discuss how Terry and his team built a global sales organization and how content marketing fueled growth.

Why You Should Be Blogging Regularly

If ramping up content production is your goal, a thriving blog has to be a top priority for your marketing team. If you aren't utilizing your blog the way you should, you could be missing out on an opportunity to comment on industry “hot topics”  [...]