Using Video with Marketing Automation

By: Alex Meade 2 minute read


Businesses that practice the video marketing automation techniques get up to a whopping 43% conversion rate! That’s HUGE!


If you have been in the marketing domain for some time, you must have witnessed how videos transformed the B2B and B2C marketing efforts. Not only do your target audiences prefer video content, but so do search engines. Content and landing pages with video content rank higher in search results than those without.

Marketing automation has also been around for some time now and has made things even easier for those who know the value of knocking on the doors of right leads at the right time.

But video marketing and marketing automation combined? Sounds like a new idea and a cool one too! Let's get to know a little more about this.


What is Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation is simply the automation of your marketing tasks with the help of digital tools and software. Marketing automation not only saves you time by handling the repetitive tasks such as scheduling emails but also optimizes your lead generation efforts. Learn more about marketing automation here.


How Well Does Video Work to Generate Leads?


The numbers are in and video works incredibly well to generate the leads you need. A research by the famous video hosting site Wistia tells us that video marketing campaigns have a conversion rate of 16%. And it can go up to 43% if you act wisely and add a special tool to your videos.


The Three Stages of Lead Generation with Video Marketing


Lead generation is a comprehensive effort where a marketer has to realize that every lead is at a unique stage of conversion. And for every stage, a different set of marketing automation techniques are leveraged so that the potential lead feels more convinced. The marketing experts have divided the lead conversion into three different stages and video marketing plays an important role in taking a lead from one stage to another.


Video Marketing Automation Tools


When we talk about video and automation, we certainly have to take into consideration some reliable tools and software that help us gather useful marketing data, plan a marketing strategy, and automate the marketing practices. There are some big names in the market such as HubSpot that provide an effective platform for users to gain helpful marketing insights.


Final Words

By now, you must have realized how important videos are in marketing and also how marketing automation helps marketers get better conversion rates; wait; the best conversion rates! But let me sum it all up for you in a sweeter tone:


If video marketing is the cake, marketing automation is the icing, and if you know how video marketing automation is done, it is just like the cherry on the top. Want to know how can help you get video in your automation?


Yes, Let's Get Started!



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