Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on February 28, 2022

Alex Meade, VP of Sales and Marketing at Beacons Point, sits down with Jeff Coyle, Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse, to discuss how to make SEO work for you in 2022 on The B2B Growth Marketer Podcast.

Sabina Hahn
By Sabina Hahn on February 24, 2022

Interviews are vital for helping businesses scale content, grow their network, and boost company contributions. However, unless you’re in a field that traditionally requires interviewing, most people haven’t been taught how to conduct interviews. Here are the 10 essential do's and don'ts of conducting interviews that will help you refine your interviewing skills and create better content all around.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on February 16, 2022

It's hardly a secret that videos are a pillar element of successful marketing campaigns. With almost 90% of consumers asking to see more videos from their favorite brands, marketers work hard to meet these demands but often hit roadblocks.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on January 27, 2022

While keyword research is the backbone of your SEO strategy, it doesn't have to be expensive. If you are stretching your marketing budget to accommodate a variety of tactics, it's possible to save on keyword research.

Sabina Hahn
By Sabina Hahn on December 21, 2021

Podcasts have been around since 2004 when MTV video jockey Adam Curry, and software developer Dave Winer, found a way to download online radio broadcasts to an iPod. Thanks to Curry and Winer, listeners gained a way to store radio broadcast files on their portable players.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on December 16, 2021

The fact that you're here means you understand how important video marketing is. Whereas previously, brands could rely solely on images and written content to market their products or services, those days are gone. The present-day consumer's inundation with interactive 360 videos, augmented reality, and live streaming has resulted in video marketing strategy being a key determinant of how successful a given brand's marketing efforts are.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on December 06, 2021

The world of sales and marketing is a rapidly evolving landscape. As technology and tools grow more sophisticated, a successful sales process will change according to new standards and best practices. When organizations don't recognize and address this fluidity, the underperforming sales may not fall entirely on the shoulders of the sales team.

Providing the right resources to promote healthy sales requires creating a culture and infrastructure that adapts to new challenges and executes a cohesive strategy throughout your entire sales process. This process is called sales enablement. You can utilize many tools to streamline your process and deliver more inbound sales with better sales enablement, but it all starts with the right content.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on November 22, 2021

With 93% of marketers believing that video is an important part of their marketing strategy, implementing it into yours is a must. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know when, how, and where to take advantage of your video content.

Ashley Lawson
By Ashley Lawson on November 03, 2021

HubSpot workflows are a powerful tool to automate much of your marketing process to achieve greater efficiency. You can use workflows to automate your email campaigns, score and nurture leads, move leads to sales, track data, and more.

However, like most software, many users only scratch the surface with what they can do. This blog will focus on how you can get more out of your HubSpot workflows and optimize their impact.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on August 06, 2021

In 2017 we made a big decision that changed the course of Beacons Point.