Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on August 05, 2020

After you've built your buyer personas and are eager to start unveiling powerful content to them, it can be challenging to determine which persona you should target first. It can be particularly difficult if you've developed multiple personas based on a variety of ideal customers. The key is determining which persona is the most valuable starting point. You can prioritize your personas in a variety of ways and yield optimal results from your marketing efforts.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on August 03, 2020

The very first step when starting a buyer persona build is deciding which customers and prospects are important to the sustainability and growth of your business. With that in mind, it’s crucial for the marketer or businessperson leading the initiative to involve their sales executives in the process. 

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on July 29, 2020

Detailed, in-depth buyer personas provide a foundational understanding of your prospective customers' wants, needs, and personalities. You should know how to share your buyer personas properly with the different departments whose work affects customer experiences.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on June 17, 2020

Buyer personas already make up the backbone of your outreach strategy, whether you’ve been relying on formal personas or not. Think about it. If you are an ophthalmologist marketing Lasik packages to an older demographic, would you choose to run ads for those services on Snapchat or TikTok? Probably not. Common sense dictates your audience won’t be found there. But what about the rest of the consumer story? The details within the details that paint the picture of how your customers operate are what unearth insights that have huge impacts on your business. 

Sabina Hahn
By Sabina Hahn on June 15, 2020

As you developed buyer personas in an attempt to better understand your customers, you probably conducted hours of interviews, performed ample research on buying behavior, and gained a clear, full picture of your ideal customers. You've done your best to empathize with your target audience and identify their pain points, their favorite online hangouts, their likes and dislikes, and general attitudes.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on June 11, 2020

Before taking on your first buyer persona interview, it’s necessary to understand not only the top-line questions to which you need answers but also how to reach the answers appropriately. In this blog, we’ll break down the five top-line questions you can’t build your personas without, including demographics, goals, challenges, research habits, and values.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on June 01, 2020

Thanks to HubSpot, buyer personas have become synonymous with inbound and content marketing. Few companies, however, actually spend the time to research, develop, and document their personas. 

Brian Serocke
By Brian Serocke on August 26, 2018

 A brand voice is essential when starting a business. A good brand voice will encourage customers to engage with your company and motivate them to use your services and products. Your brand voice is what people associate your company with and makes them stay or come back to your content. With a strong brand voice, you’ll be able to create a successful and memorable business.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on July 30, 2018

Documenting your brand’s guidelines has several benefits for your company. Not only will you be able to always deliver a uniform message to your customers, but it will also help your team members as they create new content. A style guide will assist team members in staying consistent because they will understand all the rules that your brand voice follows. In addition, you’ll have a stronger connection to your target audience and higher engagement with potential and returning consumers.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on July 14, 2018

Having a brand voice helps your audience remember your company and what you are known for. Being consistent with your language, staying uniform with your brand’s core values, and engaging with your consumers will help people become interested and stay interested in what your business has to offer. There are several key factors that help to create a successful brand voice: