Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on September 26, 2022

Jeff and Alex discuss some of the most overlooked aspects of marketing. Jeff had over a decade of experience in digital marketing and this helps him identify brands' why what, and how. Setting himself up as the perfect person to help a brand achieve its goals.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on September 13, 2022

In the early 2000s, podcasts saw a surge of interest. Thanks to shows like This American Life and Radiolab, podcasts were a tool to tell stories. By the mid-2010s, it was ascending in popularity so quickly that it could even be called a podcast boom. Now, with nearly 40% of Americans saying they've listened to a podcast within the last month and 62% having ever listened to a podcast in their lives, it's time to recognize podcasts as the heavy hitters they are and the role they play in B2B marketing.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on September 12, 2022

This episode is all about the power of zero-click content. You'll learn why you should be testing it in your marketing strategy and a new segment where we ask each other marketing questions that we have to answer in 30 seconds or less. Stay tuned for more Stori & Alex episodes where we discuss current events in marketing.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on September 05, 2022

Hiring a new agency can be intimidating. In this episode, John Bertino the founder of The Agency Guide (TAG), discusses why he went into the business of pairing companies with the perfect agency.

He shares why it's important to have that perfect match, some overrated qualities that people look for when hiring an agency, red & green flags to look for, and why agencies need to be consistent.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on August 31, 2022

In this episode of The B2B Growth Marketer Podcast Kyle Stout, the founder of Elevate & Scale discusses why email marketing should still be a part of your marketing strategy.

With changes in technology, you would think that email would have drastically changed as well, but according to Kyle, it has stayed close to its original roots.

Kyle shares some of his best practices and things to avoid if you're a small company starting out in email marketing.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on August 22, 2022

Stori and I talk about everything from Pinterest for B2B marketers, how to get more interaction and networking done through LinkedIn, is Tik Tok a space that B2B marketers could ever start marketing on, and some more information on our newsletter, The Marketer's Basecamp.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on August 15, 2022

Tom Hunt, Founder of has cracked the code to become famous. Through podcasts, he has helped so many people achieve their dreams. Tom is the founder of, helps you do two major things. Create amazingly good content around a specific niche, and make sure you are seen around other famous people in that niche. ‍

Sabina Hahn
By Sabina Hahn on August 09, 2022

Are blogs still a thing?

If you are in the content production space, you know the importance of creating content to nurture your existing clients, reach an even wider range of audiences and generate leads. But in order to do that, people must actually see and be aware of your content.

So, how do you ensure that your blog ranks high on search engines? The answer: search engine optimization (SEO). 

On a scale of 1-5, what’s your experience level with SEO? 

If you answered anything other than a 5 or if you’re looking for answers to some of your biggest SEO and blog creation questions, there might be a few things we can show you.

We met up with our content strategist, Sabina Hahn, and she walked us through some key points you can’t miss when you’re writing and building content. Gone are the stressful days when it comes to keywords, blog creation, or SEO.

Sabina Hahn
By Sabina Hahn on July 05, 2022

If you run your business online, a firm grasp of keyword research is vital for your success. This article explains what keyword research is, why identifying keywords is so essential for research, and why you should research the keyword. Read on for useful information and helpful tips for keyword research.

Stori Pemberton
By Stori Pemberton on June 20, 2022

Today’s internet users demand an ever-increasing amount and quality of high-performing content.

To keep up with that insatiable demand, you have to invest large amounts of time, energy, and money. It’s a shame to let all the premium content you’ve created in the past sit there when you could easily use content repurposing for breathing new life into it.