Max Reinhardt
By Max Reinhardt on June 17, 2020


Buyer personas already make up the backbone of your outreach strategy, whether you’ve been relying on formal personas or not. Think about it. If you are an ophthalmologist marketing Lasik packages to an older demographic, would you choose to run ads for those services on Snapchat or TikTok? Probably not. Common sense dictates your audience won’t be found there. 

Sabina Hahn
By Sabina Hahn on June 15, 2020

As you developed buyer personas in an attempt to better understand your customers, you probably conducted hours of interviews, performed ample research on buying behavior, and gained a clear, full picture of your ideal customers. You've done your best to empathize with your target audience and identify their pain points, their favorite online hangouts, their likes and dislikes, and general attitudes.

Max Reinhardt
By Max Reinhardt on June 11, 2020

Before taking on your first persona interview, it’s necessary to understand not only the top-line questions to which you need answers but also how to reach the answers appropriately. In this blog, we’ll break down the five top-line questions you can’t build your personas without, including demographics, goals, challenges, research habits, and values.

Ross Nelson
By Ross Nelson on August 09, 2018

Video is key to a successful inbound marketing campaign. With a predicted 80% growth of people watching videos online by 2019, video marketing is crucial to driving traffic to your business. If you’re new to video marketing, you may be wondering where to begin. Thankfully, there are many apps, tools and platforms available to help you produce, edit and leverage your video content in your inbound marketing efforts. Here are some of the top tools and apps available for those just starting out with video marketing.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on March 12, 2018

 If you’ve ever struggled to navigate a website due to poor usability, you can imagine how much more difficult this would be for someone with a disability. Close to 1 billion people across the globe have some type of disability. If you fail to design your website with these users in mind, your message will likely never reach a great portion of your audience.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on January 23, 2018

Before you can even think about gaining sales, you need to be driving traffic to your website. This can be particularly difficult for new businesses, as with many marketing tactics, however effective they are in the long term, you need to wait to see results. SEO is a great example, as Google favors websites that have a long history online and backlog of content.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on January 18, 2018

 Every content marketing strategy has the same goals: to make your target audience aware of your brand and to convert users into customers. Content marketing can be very effective but often simplified to just creating content. No matter how interesting, unique or useful the content is, it can be considered virtually useless if you’re audience is not engaging with it.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on November 30, 2017

Marketers and business owners have come to accept that it takes 8 to 12 “touches” or interactions with a company before a prospect converts into a buyer. More and more, content is the vehicle that’s providing those touches in today's online world. A combination of lead magnets, social media posts, email content and blogs posts (text or video) synergize to win that conversion. All of these aspects are content.

Alex Meade
By Alex Meade on November 18, 2017

Cause marketing is everywhere, helping to improve company images and bottom lines. But has it run its course?


In our opinion, giving back never goes out of fashion. But promoting causes that don’t make sense to your brand, however, causes confusion. So how can you do cause marketing right?


Think deeply and critically about your business.


What existing brand promise could be supported further through cause marketing? For example, a community bank may partner with a financial literacy partner to offer classes in their local area.


What give back opportunities are there to offset something not so great about your business? In this example, a business that produces plastic disposable items could partner with a recycling nonprofit, or sponsor a beach cleanup, to offset the impact on Mother Earth.


When it’s done well, cause marketing can be incredibly meaningful—not just to sales, but to your employees and community too. This article comes from our friends at Office of Awesome, they develop brands that stand for something and offer traditional marketing support through an untraditional collective of awesome talented people.


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