A dental practice patient engagement platform turned to us to increase traffic and drive new customer acquisition through the buyer's journey


Designed to improve office efficiency and patient experience, Modento was created by those who know dentistry the most. The patient engagement platform is engineered to seamlessly integrate into other patient management systems and helps practices across the country improve their case acceptance, acquire and retain more patients, and increase their profitability. The platform has a host of capabilities, including:

Digital forms and consent
Two-way patient communication
Intraoffice communication
Automated appointment reminders
Online scheduling
A customized loyalty program for patients

Modento has shown itself to be an excellent way for practices to boost their efficiency and their patients' satisfaction at the same time, but amidst all the demands of innovation, the developers had little time to show the value of their software. That's where we came into play. 

A Dental Practice Patient Engagement Platform Turned to us to Increase Traffic and Drive New Customer Acquisition Through the Buyer's Journey



Services Provided:

Inbound Blueprint Strategy

Inbound Marketing Services

Video Production


Example Work

Blog: Practice Management vs. Patient Engagement Software

Case Study: Charleston Pediatric Dentistry

Pillar Page: Fitting Patient Engagement into Everyday Life: A Storybook

Pillar Page: PDF Story Book

Video: Modento Video Portfolio




A lot goes into managing a dental practice, and Modento equips providers with the tools they need to run as efficiently as possible. The developers of this all-in-one patient engagement platform knew they had a tool that could benefit many providers, but they needed some help getting their story out to their audience.

After looking at multiple marketing agencies, the team at Modento turned to us to increase website traffic, drive engagement, and generate thoughtful content that proved their industry knowledge. The goals prior to starting the campaign looked like the following:

  • Improving monthly traffic to 300 visits per month starting three months after the campaign began 
  • Initiating discussions that show their status as an industry thought leader
  • Increasing engagement and lead generation due to a better experience across the buyer journey



Being a small startup in the software development industry sometimes requires each team member to take on multiple roles, and that can make a deep dive into each marketing channel a difficult task. The developers at Modento felt this pain point, with one team member saying:


"...Being a small startup and a one-woman marketing team at that time and wearing a lot of different hats, I just was spread too thin. I felt like I was kind of scratching the surface on a lot of different marketing channels and marketing efforts and didn't have the time or manpower or knowledge to go deeper. And some of those channels, specifically inbound content and blog content, (were) those things that I really wanted to prioritize as we were working to become a thought leader in our space and in our industry, but just didn't have the resources to pursue."


The Modento team knew they needed help marketing their product, but while other agencies offered the same host of video, blog, and production deliverables, they felt an organic connection was lacking. They wanted to leverage their inbound and blog content to drive higher traffic and more engagement on their site, but they didn't want a one-size-fits-all approach. Their goal was to reach 300 website visits per month with content that showed their value, but they wanted to be treated like a partner, not just a project.





We at Beacons Point pride ourselves on meeting each client on their terms, so we found ourselves compatible with the team at Modento right from the start. We understood their need for higher website traffic, and we partnered with them to help them reach their goal. We assisted by: 

  • Developing a strategy to drive more inbound leads through online sources
  • Positioning Modento as a revolutionary technology that is transparent and high-value, setting it apart from its more established competitors 
  • Showcasing Modento’s advantages in price, packages, and feature offerings
  • Developing content that builds Modento’s authority and thought-leadership in patient engagement 
  • Building trust through high-quality, video-supported case studies and testimonials
  • Increasing the number of live-demo requests 
  • Using content to educate current users on how they can access more features to derive additional value from the platform

By launching a campaign that would inform visitors, display the platform's value, and address common dentistry practice concerns, we sought to furnish Modento with content that would both heighten visibility and drive visitors through the funnel — and the results show that we did.


Of contacts converted from organic search to customers


Website visitors per month after just 3 months


Their website traffic in 9 months


After implementing our campaign, the team at Modento had achieved their goal of increasing website traffic, and were successfully making their platform known. Some of the results were:

  • Over 10 times more blog readers 
  • Greater content engagement
  • Establishment as an industry thought-leader
  • More positive visitor feedback

Modento - Organic Sessions - 11.20 - 9.21

One Modento team member noted just how helpful our content had proven by citing how many clients told him that they were reevaluating their patient management structures because of the insights they'd found on Modento's blog.

So whether they purchase the platform or not, our relevant, value-adding content proved instrumental in meeting industry needs and helped Modento put their product on display. 

Future Plans

Modento has since been acquired by Dental Intelligence, but our partnership hasn't stopped there.

We're now expanding our internal content to include a video project with one of the team's core members, and we look forward to the kind of long-term partnership Modento set out to find from the start.

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Beacons Point has been an invaluable asset for our marketing department as our strategy shifted to incorporate more content marketing. It's so refreshing to have a company put in the work on the front end to really know and understand your product, brand, and voice – I have been continually amazed by how well they have been able to produce content that is aligned with our goals and vision. On top of incredible content, they have the expertise to practically implement content strategies via HubSpot and make sure every piece is getting in front of the right people at the right time. They have saved me so much time and energy and have been an absolute delight to partner with.

Kelly Kaufman
Kelly Kaufman
Director of Demand Generation

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